Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Welcome to New Members - Guidelines

WikipediArt is fast, easy and absolutely free,
anyway your invitation could expire shortly with
no further chance provided. These are some tips:

- When you register please use your real name
  and not a pseudonym. (you can cancel anytime
  with no question asked)

- Avoid making consecutive or too long posts
  (max 3 images allowed per post; when you click
  on every single image, set max dimension to
  large, never choose extra large), also try to
  wait for the other ones whether possible. Do
  not exceed more than 3 posts within 30 days
  and remember to use the preview button to see
  in advance how your post will be. Do not share
  the same post twice, as well.

- Try to share useful contents for our
  blog visitors and not only for yourself,
  in particular every post should have a title
  and must contain both text and image(s), which
  should be of good quality but as light as
  possible. Please, post in English only.

- Contemporary art only is allowed; avoid
  politics, sex or religion. Also try not to
  advertise directly, because WikipediArt is
  not meant to be for commercial purposes.
  Don't go overboard with external links.

- Please note: inactive members will be
  periodically removed. We have a 2 month
  tolerance period, then we skip to next
  members to be invited.

- I really hope you enjoy WikipediArt, because
  we are good friends since a long time, that's
  why I wish to encourage you to support each
  other, also posting comments about your
  favorite contents. Thanks in advance and
  welcome to WikipediArt!


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