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Friday, December 11, 2020

How to Learn to Discover Yourself

Imagine waking up one morning and then realizing that you are sitting in your car while being all dressed up, showered, and drinking a hot cup of coffee. You may have no recollection of your conscious memory, about how any of this may have happened with you. We have evolved so many in the present era that we run into our day's complex routine procedures. It’s like that our mind is on autopilot mode, and our unconscious processes are so much faster, reliable, and more subtle than our conscious efforts, to comprehend and understand the world around us. As things revolve around us, we need to know much about ourselves to get through life as we know it.

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Life is not a Ride but a Journey

Life is not a ride where you can just jump on the driver’s seat and start your journey, deciding on where to go and where you need to be. It is a journey of unexpected turns and twists. You may never know where you might end up. Learning to discover yourself is essential because you would know who you want to be and what efforts you need to achieve by exploring yourself.

Importance of Discovering and Exploring Yourself

When you truly learn to discover and explore yourself, you know about your passion, what you want to achieve in your life, what career choices to make, what you are good at, and what skills you have to accomplish your goals. It can also help you understand the people you are comfortable with to spend your time. You can tell them about the things which you prefer talking about and give information about yourself. Knowing yourself can help you drive your motivation levels about new things in life and be comfortable. You can incorporate new information or let it go. You cannot change without knowing yourself, and you cannot live in a world of change without changing yourself for the better. 

Taking on Life’s Challenges by Discovering Yourself

Life will throw all kinds of troubles and difficulties at you, but you need to maintain your resolve and focus. To know yourself can gain you better benefits in life. It can lead to the results which you want as you can make the choices which suit you best. You just need to make a bit of effort to know yourself better. You cannot guarantee that you are smart, strong, or good, no matter how much you peel off your personality layers. One thing is for sure. The more you know about yourself, the more you can explore the things you are good at, the more opportunities you can gain in life and make the best of them. Try to learn different parts of your personality and explore what you like to do that works out well. Therefore, you don’t have to know the stuff and put it on autopilot in your unconscious. 

Try to learn more about yourself by reading my book ‘For my Legacy’ by Carole Feuerman. I knew from a young age that I wanted to be an artist. My Grandfather helped me realize my identity and my  passion, and by learning my skills as an artist, I became a well-known and got where I am today. In my book, I try to motivate people on how they can know about themselves, just as I did, and by utilizing their passion and skills.  

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Manuela Nicolini - Io Sono la Pace (I Am Peace) - 2014 - AQVACOLOR 4D on aluminum