Thursday, January 16, 2020

A.Brentel 2020 LINEAR TRANSPOSITION 60x40x5 (Mixed on Panel)

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year 2020 !!!

To all Members & Art Lovers, Happy New Year at WikipediArt Official!

A.Brentel 2019 POSITIVE CIRCUIT 80x60 (Mixed on Masonite)

Monday, December 23, 2019

Merry Christmas!

To all Members & Art Lovers, Merry Christmas at WikipediArt

A.Brentel 2019 MICHELLE 75x67x0.3 (Enamel on Plexiglass)

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Realidades Liquidas   Mirta Benavente

Monday, December 9, 2019

Carole A. Feuerman: 50 Years of Looking Good

Feuerman’s New Book, Aptly Named “Carole A. Feuerman: 50 Years of Looking Good” Is A Testament To All Her Work Throughout The Years.

Feuerman’s work has not remained state-side. Her works have travelled all over the word with the most notable places as the Venice Biennale. Her latest life-size sculpture “Emma with the Red Hat” simply looked serene. The images of “The Thinker” are dramatic and thought provoking. 

Feuerman’s sculptures have been taking her audience down her journey. Her book, “Carole A. Feuerman: 50 Years of Looking Good” chronicles that journey for the reader to experience. You, the reader of this blog, can experience this journey yourself.  A personally signed book is available for pre - publication purchase through the Carole A. Feuerman Sculpture Foundation Boutique. By making purchases through her foundation, you are supporting Feuerman’s mission of promoting deserving artists with residency and exhibition opportunities, internships for college credit and education/research and grants. Experience Feuerman’s journey for yourself and support a great cause.
Carole A. Feuerman: Fifty Years of Looking GoodEdited by John T. Spike
Hardback, approx. 192 pages, 119 color illustrations 24 Å~ 30 cm (9. Å~ 11. in)
978-3-85881-844-7 English
CHF 65.00 | EUR 58.00
GBP 50.00 | USD 65.00
JANUARY 2020 (Europe)
MARCH 2020 (US)
The most comprehensive monograph to date on major American artist Carole A. Feuerman, a pioneer of hyperrealism in sculpture lavishly illustrated and covering Feuerman’s entire career spanning five decades, featuring more than 200 works. Carole A. Feuerman is celebrated as a pioneer and one of America’s major pioneers of Hyperrealism in sculpture, alongside Duane Hanson and John De Andrea. Born 1945 and educated in New York and Philadelphia, she began as an illustrator before turning to sculpture in the 1970s, soon gaining much recognition and early success. Her work has been displayed in many group shows and solo exhibitions at private galleries and public museums, as well as at major art fairs, in America, Europe, and Asia. Over five decades, Feuerman has created visual manifestations of stories telling of strength, survival, and balance. Her subject matter is the human figure, most often a woman in an introspective moment of exuberant self-consciousness shaded by erotic lassitude. Feuerman’s works represent a female state of mind rather than an alluring body meant to attract the male gaze. They suggest that women look at themselves differently from men looking at them, that a woman is more innately creative than a man. This book is the most comprehensive survey of Feuerman’s oeuvre to date. Lavishly illustrated in color throughout, it demonstrates the variety of materials and media she uses and highlights the specific qualities of her figures.
John T. Spike is an American-born distinguished art historian, curator, author and lecturer specializing in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art, and an eminent critic of contemporary art. Additional essays by John Yau and Claudia Moscovici.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Synthesis Paintings and Drawings 2018-2019. Nina Tokhtaman Valetova.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art. Winter Solstice 2019 Winter National Juried Exhibition.

The gallery exhibits modern and contemporary art, designing and producing classical and contemporary murals, restoration & conservation decorative arts, painting & sculpture.

MarinMOCA. Winter Solstice 2019 Winter National Juried Exhibition. Nocturne. Painting. 36/48in. Artist Sergey Konstantinov.

The short days and long nights of winter are imbued with moody ambiance and spiritual significance. It is a time for contemplation, but also for celebration. Juried by Andrea Schwartz, owner of the Andrea Schwartz Gallery in San Francisco, this exhibit will feature 2D and 3D work in a variety of mediums. 

November 16, 2019 - December 22, 2019

MarinMOCA. Winter Solstice 2019 Winter National Juried Exhibition. 

Sergey Konstantinov. MarinMOCA. Winter Solstice 2019 Winter National Juried Exhibition.

Andrea Schwartz. MarinMOCA. Winter Solstice 2019 Winter National Juried Exhibition.

Stella Tumasova. MarinMOCA. Winter Solstice 2019 Winter National Juried Exhibition.

Sergey Konstantinov. Andrea Schwartz. MarinMOCA. Winter Solstice 2019 Winter National Juried Exhibition.

MarinMOCA. Winter Solstice 2019 Winter National Juried Exhibition. Nocturne. Painting. Artist Sergey Konstantinov. Acrylic/canvas. 36/48in. $8000.00.

Art studio Sergey Konstantinov.
Art Conservation & Restoration Sergey Konstantinov.
Artist Sergey Konstantinov.

415 928 8290
San Francisco          

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Introducing New Members at WikipediArt Official

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